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.:: Interview for Hard Rock Service (2003.10.22) ::.

First of all let me congratulate you on getting on the "Undiscovered" column by Guitar Nine Records. Not a whole lot of Polish guitarists have had the opportunity to be featured in that column which makes it even more special. Can you let us know what the whole procedure looked like and how you managed ...

.:: for music magazine Gitara i Bas [4/2003 (64) Jul/Aug] ::.

How important was being featured on the Spotlight section of Gitara i Bas for you? I was very happy to be featured, it is a great honor for which I am very thankful. I was happy to see that column come back after an extended absence. I think being featured on Spotlight is a great way to reach out ...

.:: for GraMuzyka ::.

You are currently one of the best guitarists in Poland. Your abilities have been praised both by local and international musicians. What is it like to be famous? Do you often hear "oh wow, it's Chwieralski!" just before a gig? Thanks for the huge complement which might be a little undeserved. I think ...
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